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About Traditional Art / Hobbyist Logan Savoie26/Male/United States Group :iconcthulhu-and-illithid: Cthulhu-and-Illithid
cephalopods,tentacles & horror
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Logan Savoie
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
My name is Logan John Savoie, I live in Louisiana and have been drawing ever since I was 2(Although they weren't very good but I got better as you can see but I digress) and I draw my pictures with ink pens as the scraping sound of a pencil drives me mad.

Damn near everything about me is alliterative for some reason, I am an anti-nihilist. I am an aromantic asexual and an agnostic atheist, and an artist with a love of Lovecraft style Abominations.

I am in a state of perpetual happiness at best or contentment at worse, despite what my art may say about my personality.

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Death, The Grim reaper. The anthrapomorphic personification of death and dying. Seeing as I like Eldritch Abominations, I made death less a skeleton, and more or less a pile of bones, blades, cloth, and wings.
Daoloth, the Render of Veils
Ramsey Campbell is one of my favorite modern day writers, who has contributed a lot to the Mythos. Daoloth included. Described as a random mismatch of shapes and who can be summoned, just don't mess up, or he'll grow, and grow, and grow, and grow, probably until he encompases the whole universe. I didn't just want to draw a random mismatch of various shapes, so I came up with this thing, hope you like it.
Basatan, Master of the Crabs
Another Great Old One created by Clark Ashton Smith. It's not described much, other than a vague link with the constellation of Cancer through the usage of a ring.
Aiueb Gnshal
Aiueb Gnshal is described as a Black Void with Seven Pulsing Eyes. He is worshiped by many Ghouls. Those who gaze through his eyes, stare into Azathoths Court. I found him quite the challenge to draw, but I like the result.



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